How to Give Your Clients Six-Star Customer Service

It still amazes me how many professional service firms still put ‘great customer service’, ‘qualified staff’, ‘a personal service’ etc as their core points of difference in the marketplace.

Frankly these are all a given.

It is then any wonder that so many firms hustle and bustle, spending more and more money trying to get as many ‘eyeballs’ to their website… in the hope they generate a lead.

If you want to provide six-star customer service, and if you want out-market your competition, then offer more value.

Offer more value in advance of the sale… during the sale… and after the sale.

Today ‘great customer service’ simply gets you into the game, and with so much marketing noise vying for your audience’s attention, it just isn’t enough to differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition

Customer service needs to be something much more effective, demonstrable and above all tangible.

When I work with business owners looking to scale and grow, it’s not the customer service we look to improve (because everyone else in the market will do this) – instead we look at how we can bring more tangible value to the ‘client experience’. You see from the very moment a potential client first makes an enquiry, to the time at which they receive the end result; you and your company are essentially on trial. As such, and during this transaction, you must always aim to create the optimum client experience. I believe there are three key areas that every business must focus on to deliver a consistently valuable client experience. These are as follows:

* Before the sale;

* During the sale, and;

* After the sale

So let’s discuss each of stage in detail. Before the sale When choosing to use a professional service firm, regardless of the industry, your prospective client has more choices than ever before.

Therefore it is important to create the ultimate ‘client experience’ from the very moment someone first makes that initial enquiry. From the very start, this will afford you a tremendous opportunity to make a real impact on the prospect. Let’s imagine the conversation that’s going on inside your potential client’s head. They might feel wary, sceptical and/or threatened. Who knows, maybe your prospect has dealt with someone from your industry in the past, and was promised all manner of help that didn’t materialise.

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