In my experience CEOs and business owners do not achieve the results and revenues they want from their business because – simply put – they rely on an unpredictable, expensive and scattergun approach to marketing that rarely achieves consistent and sustained growth.

They get stuck in a client getting tactical hell.

So what is the ‘secret’ to scaling your business? It’s ensuring you have in place a system: a system for growth incorporating these fundamental marketing mechanics:

  1. Get clear on your ideal client
  2. Engineer distinction in the market
  3. Design and implement your “client getting” game plan

For the last 10 years I have helped professional service firms build system-strength across these key areas to scale the growth of their business. A practical and results-focussed framework for growth that ‘resets’ your business and takes you from where you are now… to where you want to be.

icon1Part #1 Who

In the first part of the Business Growth Reset, we deep dive into your business and first identify – or clarify – your ideal client.

Getting clear on who your best-fit clients are ensures that every single marketing message and customer touch point better resonates, appeals and draws new clients to your business.

This important first step will stop you from ‘shooting in the dark’, cut through all the competitive clutter and give your marketing better clarity, focus and direction.

icon2Part #2: Why

Next, we answer your market’s most important question, “Why should I choose you?”

In my experience this is where many companies struggle: they simply do not provide their prospective clients with a clear, compelling and persuasive reason to do business with them!

This positioning process enables you to engineer a powerful competitive edge in the marketplace, such that you provide clarity on who you serve, what expensive problem you solve for them – and most important of all – how you do it differently from the rest.

icon3Part #3: How

Having gotten clear on ‘who’ to target and provided the market with a clear and compelling reason ‘why’ they should do business with you, then we detail ‘how’ you will plan for growth.

This final part does all the heaving lifting and has two key parts:

  • Part 1: Business CAT-Scan

First we take a ‘CAT-Scan’ of the business: a complete 360º analysis of your current business assets, opportunities and challenges – as well as the competitive landscape you operate in.

Then we drill down and get very specific on what you want the business to achieve and within what timeframe. After all, to grow and become more profitable, you’ve got to have specific targets to aim for!

  • Part 2: Tactical Implementation

Having examined the current ‘state of play’, gotten clear on where you want to be in the next 1 – 3 years, I will then design a customised client getting plan of best-fit marketing tactics.

This can include advice and input on:

  • Client prospecting collateral
  • Strategic alliances
  • Joint venture partnerships
  • Referral kits and campaigns
  • Website optimisation
  • Upsells and cross sells

A framework of practical marketing solutions and lead generation activities that essentially creates awareness, builds trust and wins high-value clients.

Next Steps

My consultancy service is a comprehensive, hands-on and personalised solution to help accelerate your business – either a one-to-one coaching or done-for-you service. To discuss further, please click here to schedule a Discovery Call.

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Add your name and email to download my Business Growth formula and access to our webinars.

Add your name and email to download my Business Growth formula and access to our webinars.

A Practical 3-Step Business-Building Model That Will Take You From Struggle To Success

Please check your email for our download link

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